AR Beef Project

Arkansas Cattle Auction is proud to partner with the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance in support of the AR Beef Project to help to purchase ground beef to provide a healthy source of protein for food-insecure Arkansans.

Arkansas AR Beef Project

Arkansas ranks #1 in the nation for food-insecure senior citizens and #2 for household food insecurity and that’s not acceptable to us!

The AR Beef Project, a program from the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance in partnership with the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association and Farmers Feeding the World, offers cattle ranchers a unique opportunity to provide a much-needed source of protein to many Arkansas children and families in need. (AHRA)

When Arkansas cattlemen and others donate to the Arkansas Beef Project, those funds are used to purchase domestic ground beef. The donated beef is distributed to food banks and food pantries across the state so food insecure Arkansans will have a reliable source of protein. (AHRA)

Our Commitment to AR Beef Project

Arkansas Cattle Auction and the Goodman family have committed to donating a portion of the proceeds of every animal sold through our auction to support this endeavor. We appreciate your business and hope our industry will do its part to help eradicate food insecurity in our great state!

For more information on this project, visit Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance or contact us.

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